Rick and my story of racing, and up to The Cave Speedway becoming a real thing

So many have asked for the history of The Cave Speedway, so here it is. I will write it as best I remember the journey with Rick Williamson. A full documentary.  A long read, since this has 29 years of information. More or less like a book, in digital form without page numbers, but full of information. preface  Rick has quite a legacy to cover, I tried to put most of this in chronological order, and did the best I could, as I have been writing this story for some time now. Since I was a big part of Rick, and his success, wanted to write about this from my memories, recall as best I can. I am not going to cover ALL we did, in our 29 years of knowing each other, and just the things related to the beginnings, of our friendship and love of slot cars and dirt racing, and The Cave Speedway becoming a reality, going to big slot car racing 1/25th scale,  from the tiny HO racing 1/64 Super late models.   Pre planning beginnings of the big car track  Anyone who has ever been to Winchester Speedw